Disrupting the Beauty and Wellness sector of India, the pandemic put holistic wellbeing at the centre stage for all the stakeholders of the industry. This was propelled by a significant rise in awareness about self-care, resulting in increased spending on beauty and wellness products and services.

One could safely say that COVID has radically transformed the beauty and wellness business, making it undergo a quick transformation, which otherwise would have taken several years.

According to a report by Crescendo Worldwide, the market size of India’s beauty, cosmetic and grooming market will touch $20 billion by 2025, advancing from the current level of $6.5 billion. This owes to the rise in disposable income of the middle class and more and more people aspiring to live a good life and look good.

While, with the onset of the pandemic, the beauty and wellness industry took a plunge like most of the other sectors, it bounced back in no time, with rather innovative and ‘safe’ approaches towards the business, and with a greater emphasis on consumers’ safety.

The industry switched gears in accordance with the changing needs and preferences of the consumers and witnessed newer dimensions of opportunities opening up with holistic wellness being the focus.

To chart the way forward, in line with the industry re-shaping itself by adapting to changing demands and needs and catering to consumers who are more conscious and aware than ever before, Industry LIVE presents the second edition of the Beauty and Wellness India Convention on 23rd & 24th May 2022, The Leela Ambience Convention Hotel, Delhi. The convention will witness industry stakeholders, ranging from leaders in innovation to the change makers and path breakers sharing the same platform and helping pave the way forward for this industry.